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EZ Face shield is a simple transparent protective wearable that covers and protects the entire face from any debris, chemical splashes, respiratory droplets, or infectious materials. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it can be used as anti-COVID face shield to hinder the spread of coronavirus.

Research and developments show that the novel coronavirus spreads through infectious respiratory droplets. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take proactive safety measures and wear personal protective gear to avoid any contact with the coronavirus.


Sturdy Design

The sturdy engineered design makes the face shield durable and highly reusable over a long period of time. Besides, the ergonomic design of our face shield increases the utility for a variety of applications and requirements.

Adjustable Strap

Adjustable strap molds the face shield for varied skull types and sizes. It can be worn by both kids as well as adults.


EZ face shield is extremely lightweight and can be used while performing different tasks without being distracted or irritated by its presence. It’s so light that the user may not be aware of it after wearing it for a considerable period. Besides, the headband of the face shield is designed to exert the least amount of pressure around the temples to ensure maximum comfort for the user.

Anti-Fog Film

Pressfit EZ Face Shield employs anti-fog technology, making them suitable for different environments involving strenuous activity, variable temperature, humidity, etc. It gives you an uninterrupted clear view of your surroundings avoiding any injury due to foggy vision.

High-Quality Finishing

High-quality finishing awards the face shield a contemporary look and ensures comprehensive protection against harmful external elements. Smooth edges make it highly comfortable and avoid any discomfort.

Clear Vision

Pressfit EZ face shield allows a clear view of all objects in your vision area with all-round face protection. It can be worn freely with glasses or a face mask. Due to its outstanding material quality, you won’t face the problem of missing visual details with its blur-free clear vision.

  How To Use Face Shield

Step To Assemble

  1. Remove the thin protective films from the face shield and headband by peeling them from the edges.
  2. Depending on the size of your skull, line up the appropriate slots on the face shield.
  3. Route the strap through the selected slots and pull to secure it.
  4. Adjust your face shield to fit snugly.
  5. In addition, wear a face mask for all-round protection.

Reusing The Face Shield

  1. Get a clean horizontal surface to disinfect the face shield.
  2. Gently wipe the inside, followed by the outside of the lens with an approved disinfectant.
  3. Check for damage, dispose off if damaged.
  4. Perform hand hygiene.

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