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3-Core Flat Submersible Cable consists of 3 insulated cores, which are laid next to each other and sheathed with black PVC. These cables are specially designed for underwater use or in damp environments. They are used to connect underwater submersible pump sets to power supply lines in the agriculture, irrigation, domestic & outdoor sectors.


Pressfit manufactures Submersible Cables with excellent insulation so that they do not react with chemical, greasy, or liquid particles and offer the best performance at optimal cost. It has the ability to withstand the adverse conditions of a humid environment.

Certain notable features of our flat submersible cables are excellent mechanical and electrical properties, high resistance to moisture, abrasion, grease, oil, etc., which makes them extremely durable.

3 - Core Flat Submersible Cable


High Abrasion Resistant

These cables are devised to power submersible pumps that are installed deep in the earth's surface to pump out the groundwater. This makes it very necessary to have superior protection against abrasion due to the harsh and hostile conditions.

Superior Insulation

Pressfit Submersible Cable contains parallel, flat insulated cores that are provided with a superior sheathing having high abrasion resistance, thermal stability, flexibility, and special additives that constrain adsorption or the ingress of water.

High Conductivity

Our wires are made using electrolytic grade pure bare copper wire, which awards it 101% conductivity. This helps reduce power loss along the length of the cable and save money on electrical bills.

Excellent Mechanical & Electrical Properties

Every electrical application requires durable and reliable electrical wiring; it becomes even more crucial when it requires underwater use. Pressfit understands the requirements for underwater cabling and manufactures high quality 3-core flat submersible cables that are endowed with excellent mechanical and electrical properties for an uninterrupted power supply, even when submerged underwater.

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