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Modular Switch Plates are one of the most critical and ubiquitous components of all home and office spaces today! Modular Switch Plates are used to house and protect electrical accessories such as switches, sockets, and regulators. They serve as protective shields that protect the enclosed wiring from direct contact with foreign bodies.

Acorn Modular Plates are engineered with a fusion of sleek and curvy design. This gives them a minimalist yet intriguing look, which is very unusual with other brands. The built-in indicator allows you to always be aware of the power status. 

This way you can be sure whether switches and sockets are working or not. The high-quality silver border gives the switch panel an elegant touch and increases its beauty many times over.

Slim and Curvy Design
Minimalist Aesthetics
Built-In Indicator
Available with Premium Metallic Borders
Unbreakable Polycarbonate Body
Compatible with One Switches

One of the game-changing features of Modular Plates is that the same plates can be used with various combinations with switches, sockets, dimmers, regulators, MCBs, etc to create your custom switchboard design as per your requirements! 

Pressfit manufacturers of Modular Plates with sizes ranging from 1 Module up to 18 Modules! Pressfit also offers 7 different types Modular Plates, each available in various colours and finishes to meet everyone’s tastes.

Next time you’re redecorating your home and want to uplift your old, boring switch plates, let Pressfit meet your requirements with its wide range of Modular Plates!

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