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PVC Channel is a plastic enclosure that typically has a rectangular cross-section with a removable side on top and slots at the sides. The PVC Channel is used to protect, encase, and organize wires and cables in control panels, distribution boards, network racks, etc.

Organized Wiring is critical to the operation and maintenance of control panels and distribution boards. Press Fit’s PVC Channel helps machine manufacturers, panel makers, and IT professionals in installing and running clean wiring setups, even if they are complex. Our PVC channel is made of rigid, self-extinguishing PVC, which offers outstanding safety and strength even under harsh conditions.

PVC Channels are also commonly called PVC Cable Tray, Electrical Raceway, Panel Trunking, Slotted Trunking, etc by manufacturers. With a wide range of sizes, our PVC channel can be used for all types of light or heavy applications.


Made using Rigid, Self-Extinguishing PVC

Press Fit’s PVC Channel is made of high quality, rigid, self-extinguishing PVC. This helps to limit the spread of fire and serious damage in case of a fire emergency.

Non-Slip Click-On Cover

The Non-Slip Click-On Cover doesn’t slip/slide even if the channel is mounted vertically. This is essential in preventing the wires from spilling out of the channel.

Thermally Resistant

Using high quality raw materials and advanced technologies, Press Fit offers top quality PVC channels that are thermally stable. This helps to extend their lifespan by being resistant to any thermal changes in the environment.

Restricted Slot Design

The wire slots are tapered at the ends to keep wires from spilling out.


  • Power Panels
  • LAN Cabling Setups in Data Centres and Offices
  • Control Panels and Cabinets in Machinery
  • Enclosing LED Strip Lights
  • Setups requiring organized wiring with appropriate redirections


The separate cover and base make it easy to lay cables with the lid fitted to complete and secure the installation. The slots are used to organize wires and direct wires out of the trunking at desired lengths. The individual breakout sticks can be easily removed to accommodate larger cables or to establish connections between two channel sections.