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Twin Parallel Flat Cable consists of two-conductor cores that are insulated with PVC compound and mainly used for supplying power for household and industrial applications. They are manufactured using bright electrolytic copper conductors that offer high conductivity, flexibility, and uniform resistance.


Pressfit Twin Parallel Flat Cables are available in three different sizes: 14/60, 23/60, 40/60. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a reliable and long-lasting electrical solution.

They also have a fine gap between the two cores, which is taken up by the PVC insulation. It affixes both the insulated cores parallelly and can be torn to create two flexible ends of copper wires. This makes them highly customizable for different applications.

twin parallel flat 1


High Flexibility

Pressfit’s Twin-Parallel Flat Cables are insulated with a special formulation of PVC compound specifically developed for their application. The insulating material makes them highly flexible and offers a great utility value.

Superior Insulation

Pressfit Twin-Parallel Flat Cables are sheathed with an excellent PVC compound that provides superior protection against the abrasion caused by the external environment. The PVC insulation used on the cable also provides the flexibility, ease of use, and chemical isolation required for longer service life.

Easy To Strip

Having easy to strip wires and cables come very handy for any electrical needs. You don’t have to use much force to undress the conductor cores of Pressfit Twin Parallel Flat Cable. This way it increases the overall efficiency of the wiring process.

101% Conductivity

They are manufactured using electrolytic grade bare copper wire that offers 101% conductivity. This makes Press Fit Twin-Parallel Flat Cable long-lasting due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

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