About Us

Press Fit Pipe and Profile

Your end-to-end partner for all your electrical needs.

We are Pressfit, trusted specialists in the domestic electrical industry and pioneers in the production of specialized plastic products and accessories. Our team’s experience of over three decades has enabled us to develop and enhance our processes to make truly innovative utility products. We ensure that our products not only adhere to the quality standards of the market, but surpass them.

The constant will to improve ourselves is clearly visible in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. All our products are guaranteed by the ISI mark of conformity bestowed on us by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which controls & safeguards the correspondence of the products as per Indian Standard (IS) requirement. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified thanks to our excellent Quality Management Systems.

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Our Journey

In 1979, starting from the humblest beginnings, Pressfit took root in the town of Ulhasnagar, which after serving as the home of partition victims, had turned into a manufacturing and trading hub! The company began operations in a tiny workshop with the idea of processing PVC compounds.

A major milestone in Pressfit’s journey was the decision to start manufacturing PVC Casing-Capping instead in 1989. In fact, the company got its name from this very product and was the first one to be marketed under the brand name Pressfit. The top cover aka Capping has to be pressed to fit and get locked with the enclosure aka Casing. In 1990, the company ventured into making Conduit Pipes for concealed wiring as well. This was the tipping point!

Thanks to a single-minded sincerity towards its customers and its devoted directors, the company started gaining market share and the trust of the industry at a pace greater than ever. This positive response has led the company to expand into many more product categories like Wiring Accessories, Wires and Cables in 2009, Switches in 2012, and Cable Ties in 2015. Today, the company has more than 4000 SKUs and boasts of a PAN India sales and distribution network!

Our Objectives

Among the many objectives Pressfit has on its list, the most important ones begin and end with the happiness and well-being of its stakeholders: its customers and its channel partners. The primary objective of the company has always been:

To become the brand that people think of when they need an electrical product.

We want to establish a strong relationship built on simple but powerful virtues of trust and quality with everyone who uses a Pressfit product. In addition to that, we want to create long-lasting value for our channel partners who have been the engine of our growth over all these years.

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