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Modular Gang Boxes are used to encase electrical components such as switches, sockets, dimmers, etc. The main purpose of a gang box is to provide the framework for distributing the main power supply across various devices and appliances. The idea is that you can “gang” up electrical components in the box, hence the name.

The features that distinguish Modular Gang Boxes from traditional boxes include hidden screws, sleek design, ease-of-use, and unmatched levels of protection. The conventional switches are exposed to metal screws and wiring that could potentially cause an accident. On the other hand, the modular boxes are free of metal parts on the panel. This helps to stay safe from the risk of electric shock.

Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your old traditional boxes with Pressfit’s Modular Gang Boxes. We manufacture a wide range of Modular Gang Boxes to provide the best enclosure box for home, office as well as industrial use.


Widest Range

Pressfit has the widest range of Wiring Devices and Electrical Enclosures in the marketplace. We give the customers more options to choose from and meet their requirements.

Elegant Designs

With better and more elegant designs, Pressfit’s Wiring Devices and Electrical Enclosures look better and are more pleasing to the eye.


Our products are reliable and more durable. Made using superior raw materials, Pressfit’s Gang Boxes have higher impact strength and can sustain harsher environments.

Easy to Install

By understanding the needs and wants of consumers, we have created a wide range of user-friendly gang boxes. You can easily install them in minutes without much effort.


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