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Pressfit’s Essential range of products are devised to support a variety of critical electrical and maintenance jobs. They provide vital assistance in performing electrical work including electrical wiring, fault detection, insulation, cable assembly, etc.

As the name suggests, Essential Range are an excellent assortment of various primary products including Wire Clips, Wall Plugs, PVC Tapes, Line Tester, Bulb Holder, Round Cover Plates. 

The range is available in a variety of sizes, designs and models to meet all types of electrical wiring needs.

PVC Electrical Tape is a type of adhesive tape used to insulate, protect, bundle, and color-code electrical wires for wiring operations.

They are manufactured from thermoplastic PVC sheets and non-corrosive adhesive. These PVC sheets are highly elastic and give the PVC tape ability to stretch and adapt to the electrical wiring as needed.

Pressfit’s FR-PVC Tapes are available in 5 different colors namely; Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green and have a dimension of 0.13 mm thickness x 18 mm width x 7.0 m length.

Wall Plugs are fibre / plastic fasteners used to affix screws into the wall by creating a better gripping base. They are commonly branded as Rawl Plugs, Anchor Plugs, Plastic Gitti by manufacturers in India. These plugs can be used to insert screws inside woods, tiles, plasterboards, bricks, or concrete walls. It is advisable to use wall plugs while hanging a heavier object otherwise it can damage your wall. Wall plugs are the essential hardware accessory found in an electrician or carpenter’s tool-kit.

A Lamp / Bulb Holder is an electrical device that securely holds and provides power to a light bulb. It also offers the convenience and comfort of replacing bulbs easily when needed. It is one of the most commonly used electrical accessories in homes, offices, and other commercial places.

Bulb holders are mainly categorized based on the socket and build-type. The most common bulb socket types are Edison Screws (popular in North America & continental Europe) and Bayonet Mounts (popular in Commonwealth countries).

A Round Cover Plate is a simple electrical accessory that covers and seals the top or end of an electrical outlet to give it a good final look. It primarily serves as a shield for the encased electrical wiring. They are also used to create a mounting base for installing bulb holders or ceiling roses.

A variety of cover plates are available, depending on which electrical accessory needs to be covered or mounted. They are commonly used to cover ceiling fan boxesconcealed boxesjunction boxes, etc.

Wire clip is a electrical accessory that is used to mount wires, cables, or conduit pipes to a fixed surface such as a ceiling, wall, floor, table, concrete, etc. They are very easy to use and help in organizing and managing wiring setups.

Wire Clips ensure that the wires are not hanging irregularly. They are also commonly called Cable Clips, Nail Clips, or Wire Staples by manufacturers in India.

Pressfit manufactures a wide range of wire clips in sizes ranging from 4 mm to 40 mm! They can be used to encase and mount wires & conduit pipes for both home and industrial applications.

A line tester is an electrical tool used to test the presence of current and to identify phase / live wire in electrical installations. When the metal tip of the tester comes in contact with a live circuit, a small light encased inside the handle of the tool starts glowing.

It is easier to use and cheaper than other measuring devices like multi-meters. Apart from that, it can also be used as a screwdriver to tighten the masonry screws. As you can guess, line testers are practically life-saving devices and should always be used before touching any piece of wiring or metal part in a circuit.

A fastener is a screw-threaded metal fitting that is used to mechanically secure one thing to another or to attach some object in place.

They work on the basic screw thread locking mechanism. It consists of a male and a female part, the male part is supplied with the external thread, while the female part is supplied with the internal thread. Collectively, they form the basic locking structure that a fastener needs to operate.

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