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Modular Switches are the modern-day switches used extensively for its elegant looks and designs. They are easy to install and user-friendly compared to conventional switches.

The features that distinguish modular switches from traditional switches include hidden screws, sleek design, ease-of-use, and unmatched levels of protection. The conventional switches are exposed to metal screws and wirings that could potentially cause an accident. On the other hand, the modular switches are free of metal parts on the panel. This helps to stay safe from the risk of electric shock.

Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your old traditional switches with Pressfit’s Modular Switches. We manufacture a wide range of switches to provide the best modular switches for home, office as well as industrial use.

Pressfit’s One Range of Modular Switches and Plates are ubiquitous in all sorts of homes and offices. The One Modular Range perfectly integrates well with all types of interiors – simple, professional, modern, or trendy. Pressfit offers a wide variety of switches, sockets, and other accessories to complete all your electrical requirements. 

Pressfit’s Edge Range of Modular Switches and Plates has set a new paradigm in terms of design in the switch industry. Aside from the strikingly modern looks, the Edge Switches are premium in every sense and are suited for modern interiors.

Brilliantly designed and industriously manufactured in India, Pressfit’s Modular Switches are compatible with our best-selling range of Prime Surface BoxesUni Modular Gang Boxes, One Surface Boxes, and One GI Concealed Boxes.

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