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RG6 Coaxial cables are single-core electrical wires with a solid annealed copper core that is insulated with polyethylene and shielded with a metal foil. They are further encased with fine aluminum mesh to provide the necessary shielding against noise. Lastly, this entire structure is further insulated to keep it intact and protect it from abrasion and disruptions


Pressfit RG6 cables are manufactured from bare electrolytic grade copper wire, which offers high conductivity and excellent data transfer. They carry higher frequency signals and are commonly used in LANs, televisions, automobiles, aircraft, and other industrial facilities. Because of their widespread use in television, they are also known as TV cables.

They do not generate any external electric and magnetic fields and are not affected by them. This makes them ideal for transferring signals from point to point and point to multi-point applications.

Press Fit RG6 CoAxial Cables


High Conductivity

Pressfit RG6 Co-axial cables are made from bare electrolytic grade copper wire. They offer high conductivity, which makes the coaxial cables durable, and also support high-quality data transmission.

Low Signal Losses

A loss of signal in a communication system is inevitable when the length of the wire is longer. A shorter cable has fewer losses than a longer one. Likewise, the thicker cables have lower ones than the thinner ones. Pressfit Co-axial cables are manufactured with excellent dimensions and materials to keep signal loss as low as possible. This makes them ideal for remote applications and operations that require high signal strength.

Interference Immunity

The strict quality control measures combined with the company's R&D efforts ensure the production of technologically superior coaxial cables with ideal electrical and physical properties. They offer excellent immunity to interference for seamless data transmission.

Higher Bandwidth

The bandwidth measures how much data can be transmitted along a communication channel. It is often confused with data transfer speed, but it is actually the amount of data sent over a connection in a given amount of time. A higher bandwidth enables the transmission of signals over large network connections using various connecting devices.

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