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Electrical switches are electrical devices that control the flow of electricity in a circuit. They are often used in combination with other devices such as sockets, dimmers, regulators, indicators, fuse, etc. They are available in different sizes, designs, brands and models in the market.

There are mainly two types of electrical switches: Modular Switches and Non- Modular Switches

Modular Switches are the modern-day switches used extensively for its elegant looks and designs. They are easy to install and user-friendly compared to conventional switches. Non-modular switches are the traditional switches that have been widely used in past decades. They are generally budget-friendly than modular switches.

One Modular range

Press Fit’s One Range of Modular Switches and Plates are ubiquitous in all sorts of homes and offices. The One Modular Range perfectly integrates well with all types of interiors – simple, professional, modern, or trendy. Press Fit offers a wide variety of switches, sockets, and other accessories to complete all your electrical requirements. 

one modular switches - Persian Blue
edge modular switches - Marble
Edge Modular range

Press Fit’s Edge Range of Modular Switches and Plates has set a new paradigm in terms of design in the switch industry. Aside from the strikingly modern looks, the Edge Switches are premium in every sense and are suited for modern interiors.

Gold Non Modular Switches Range

Press Fit’s best-selling Gold Non-Modular Range of Switches offers the classic look used and liked by millions of customers across India. Gold is preferred today because of its excellent reliability and performance in tougher environments as well.

gold switches
glory switches
glory non modular switches range

Press Fit’s Glory Range of Non-Modular Switches are made from Polycarbonate and hence, they are some of the toughest switches in the market. The Glory range offers a wide variety of switches, sockets, combined products, and accessories to meet the vast requirements in all types of traditional electrical setups.