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A fastener is a screw-threaded metal fitting that is used to mechanically secure one thing to another or to attach some object in place.

They work on the basic screw thread locking mechanism. It consists of a male and a female part, the male part is supplied with the external thread, while the female part is supplied with the internal thread. Collectively, they form the basic locking structure that a fastener needs to operate.

We manufacture various types of fasteners in different sizes which include pin-type, wedge anchors, rawl bolts, etc. with each tailored to the specific application requirements.

Pin-Type Anchor Fasteners

Pin-Type Anchor

Heavy Quality Pin-Type Fasteners

Heavy Quality Pin-Type

Rawl Bolt

Rawl Bolt

MS Hook With Anchor Fasteners - Single

Single - MS Hook With Anchor Fasteners

MS Hook With Anchor Fasteners - Double

Double - MS Hook With Anchor Fasteners


Easy To Install

Pressfit fasteners conform to the standard manufacturing norms of the industry. They can be easily installed with any skill level by following the standard installation procedure for the specified fastener.

Sturdy & Reliable

Being robust and reliable is one of the prerequisites for choosing a fastener for any application requirement. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with trust and quality for the excellent track record of our products. Our decades of experience clearly set us apart from other manufacturers.

Top-Quality Metal Alloy

The application of a high-quality metal alloy gives the fasteners the necessary rigidity and resistance to deterioration due to external environmental influences. This increases the service life and offers you a reliable fastening solution for your needs.

Raised Impact Section

Our fasteners are designed with a raised impact section to protect the screw threads from possible deformation during installation. It even allows better penetration of fasteners into the passage created by the drill, making installation swift and easier.

Application of Fasteners

Mount Ceiling Fan
Hang Heavy Objects
Affix Heavy Structures

Ring hook fasteners are used to mount ceiling fans. Structurally it consists of a metal ring with a rawl bolt attached to the end. It inherits the ability to get affixed to mounting surfaces in such a way that it can withstand the load of associated heavy objects. After installation, only the ring part is visible through which the ceiling fan is suspended.

Depending on the application requirements and load-bearing capacity, the type of fasteners required is selected. They are devised such that once installed they get cement onto the application surface. They affix so firmly that even extremely heavy objects can be hung without the fear of breakdowns.

In our daily life, we have used various structures that extensively employ these fasteners. They keep the structures robust enough to withstand heavy loads from public infrastructures, where safety is very crucial. They are also used as a fastening solution in the manufacturing of heavy machinery, vehicles, and construction structures. In addition to commercial applications, they are also used for household purposes like mounting TVs on the wall, hanging swings from the ceiling, etc.