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Casing Fittings are simple accessories which are used to join, connect, and divert multiple casings and wiring ducts in desired directions. These accessories are essential in forming an interconnected ducting network that safely encloses the electrical wiring.

With Pressfit’s Casing-Capping, the electrical wiring is completely protected but as is the case with all networks, the junctions and connectors which are the weakest points. Pressfit’s Casing Fittings connect perfectly with the ducting and form a safe and protected enclosure for the wires even at its junctions.

Pressfit has been a well-known manufacturer of Casing Fittings in India for over 25 years! Pressfit’s Casing Fittings are sturdy, reliable, and industry-leading products. Casing fittings include Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Internal, External, Square Box, Junction Box, and Reducer. They are available in various sizes for compatibility with different sizes of our PVC Casing-Capping.



An elbow is a fitting used to change the direction of the ducting. The elbow connections allow you to reroute the Casing-Capping to turn corners or fit in a limited space. Because of their body configuration, they are commonly known as 90 ° bend, quarter bend, and 90 ° L.



A Tee is a T-shaped short piece of ducting with lateral outlets. It is used to connect a ducting line with another duct laid at an angle of 90 ° with the line.


A Coupling is the simplest Casing fitting. A coupling is like an adapter that allows two lengths of ducting/casing to be joined at their ends (i.e. couple them) and extend or continue the ducting line.



A doctor is a plus-shaped casing fitting used to cover the junction point created by casing lines passing through each other perpendicularly.

Round Block

PVC Round Block is a enclosure box used to protect electrical connections from wear and tear caused by external influences.

round plates


A reducer, as the name suggests, reduces the size of the ducting from a larger size to a smaller one as per the requirement. A reducer is compatible with a larger casing size at one end and a smaller size at the other. 

Internal Bend

An Internal Bend, also simply called Internal, is a fitting used to bend the ducting at an angle of 90° along the inner corner of a wall. Simply joining two ducting lines leaves a gap or opening at the junction which should be covered with an internal bend for safety of electrical wiring.

internal bend

External Bend

An External Bend, also simply called External, is a fitting used to bend the ducting at an angle of 90° along the outer edge of a wall/surface.

Square Box

Square Boxes are used to create connection points and mounting support for ceiling roses and bulb holders. These boxes have all the necessary holes through which electrical wires can be routed, and the bulb holder / ceiling roses can be screwed on for installation.

Junction Box

A Junction Box, is essentially a junction of multiple casing lines. Junction Boxes are available in 5 types: 1 Way, 2 Way – Angle, 2 Way – Through, 3 Way, and 4 Way.

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