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Pressfit Junction Boxes are the housing boxes that accommodate wiring joints across various junctions of electrical lines. They protect them from dust, moisture, and external influences. 

These boxes prove to be very handy for maintenance and repairing work. In addition, they also fulfill the important task of keeping joints solid and reliable for years to come. They come in 5 different sizes to support a wide range of applicational needs.





Laying Passage

Cable entry systems are critical to the proper functioning of electrical systems. They route your cables correctly and protect them from damage. A standard cable entry plate makes installation much easier without the need for drilling.

Sufficient Wiring Space

They are designed to leave a considerable amount of space even after connections are drawn. This simplifies wiring by making it easier to route electrical lines. Due to this, maintenance work becomes swift compared to other junction boxes.

Ample Knockouts

Knockouts are placed at a considerable distance along the periphery to allow passages to be created. This provides the flexibility of laying electrical lines in all possible directions.

Impact Resistance

These boxes are manufactured using PVC compounds with special additives. Inheriting excellent mechanical properties makes them a high-impact resistant body. This dramatically affects the durability of the junction boxes and thus provides longer operating life.

  APPLICATION OF Junction Boxes

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