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Switchgear is a central assembly of circuit breakers, fuses and other protective devices. The main functions of switchgear include protecting electrical devices, isolating circuits and controlling the flow of electricity. They are a very useful tool for protecting, controlling and isolating electrical equipment.

MCBs, RCCBs, MCB Enclosures, Isolators & Distribution Boards make up the Press Fit range of switchgear. The range is available in a variety of sizes, designs and models to meet all types of electrical wiring needs.

When a fault occurs, switching devices detect the anomaly and interrupt the flow of current, thereby preventing possible damage to the system. This helps keep the power system healthy and damage-free from erratic current flow.

They are used to de-energize the circuits for testing and maintenance work in order to eliminate electrical faults.


MCB is an abbreviation for Miniature Circuit Breaker. These circuit breakers perform the vital role of breaking the circuit to prevent damage from excessive current due to short circuit or overload.

When a short circuit occurs, a large amount of current begins to flow causing the MCB to trip almost immediately. In the event of an overload, it takes a few seconds to trip and interrupt the circuit. Overloading and short circuits in the power supply can be dangerous for both people and equipment. To minimize these risks, MCBs are installed.

RCCB is an abbreviation for Residual Current Circuit Breaker. It is a current-operated safety device that breaks the circuit when current leaks are detected, thus ensuring protection against electric shock.

Current leakages mainly happen when the current flowing in the circuit gets branched by a person who has direct or indirect contact with the current-carrying conductor. An MCB cannot detect these irregularities, whereas it can be easily detected by the RCCB. A major advantage of RCCB is that it can control unbalanced electric current almost instantaneously, taking only 20 milliseconds to trip.

A distribution board is not just an enclosure, but a comprehensive system in itself, consisting of earth link, busbar, neutral link, removable gland plates, pan assembly, etc. to enable effective power distribution. No electrical installation is complete without a distribution board and hence, DBs are found in every home, office, building, or outdoor electrical setup.

The main function of a distribution board is to enclose and provide the necessary mounting base to the DB accessories such as MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators, etc.

MCB enclosures aka MCB Boxes are used to connect the MCBs with the electrical circuit and provide them the mounting rails and necessary support. These also protect the electrical wiring from any direct contact with foreign objects or an accidental human touch.

MCB Enclosures primarily come in 3 sizes as per the number of MCBs that can be accommodated: 1/2 Way, 3/4 Way, and 5/6 Way. In addition to this, there are 2 variants of MCB enclosures in terms of the material of their back cover: Metal or Plastic.

Porcelain Fuse is a protective device that consists of a porcelain fuse carrier and a base with metal contacts attached. These metal contacts are connected to incoming and outgoing wires.

Further, the circuit is completed when a porcelain fuse carrier is inserted into the base connecting the load-side circuit to the source-side circuit. They protect electrical devices from excess current due to overload by breaking off the circuit.

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