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A Wedge Anchor Fastener is a fully threaded stud-type expansion anchor that consists of four parts: threaded anchor body, expansion clip, nut, and a washer. They are designed to fix objects with concrete surfaces only. Any porous material will crack during expansion due to the associated shear stress.

These fasteners use a simple friction lock mechanism. Once a wedge anchor is properly inserted into the hole, the nut is rotated clockwise. This causes the anchor body to move up and the expansion brackets to slide down along the working conical end of the wedge anchor.

As a result, the anchors expand in diameter and, due to friction, couple the base material firmly. Pressfit Wedge Anchors are manufactured in a variety of sizes to support all types of applications.

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Embossment On Each Clip Segment

Embossments on the expansion brackets allow them to penetrate deeply into the base material even if the torque is not as high. This leaves room for further expansion if a crack occurs during installation or in the future.

Sturdy & Reliable

Being robust and reliable is one of the prerequisites for choosing a fastener for any application requirement. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with trust and quality for the excellent track record of our products. Our decades of experience clearly set us apart from other manufacturers.

Top Quality Stainless Steel

These anchors are made of a stainless steel alloy, which makes them very durable and corrosion-resistant. They are also equipped with “memory” so that they do not lose out the grip due to a crack in the mounting material.

Raised Impact Section

Our fasteners are designed with a raised impact section to protect the screw threads from possible deformation during installation. It even allows better penetration of fasteners into the passage created by the drill, making installation swift and easier.


The first step in installing a wedge anchor fastener is to drill a hole of specified embedment depth and size that matches the dimension of the fastener. This can be done using a hammer drill with a carbide bit equal to the diameter of the anchor to be installed.

The drilled hole must be cleaned to ensure that the hole is large enough for the fastener to be easily inserted. Make sure that the supplied nut and washer are placed on the top end to avoid damaging the threads during insertion. Enclose the object to be placed between them and the mounting surface.

Tap the fastener with a hammer until the nuts and washer are tightened against the fixture. Next, tighten the supplied nut so that the bottom part expands its diameter until it gets affixed with the application surface.

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