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Heavy Conduit Fittings are ISI-marked fittings that are mainly used for heavy performance applications like concrete slab-work. Pressfit’s heavy-duty PVC Conduit Fittings offer outstanding rigidity and strength that keeps your enclosed wiring safe and secure across all conditions.

Heavy Conduit Fittings


An elbow is a type of pipe fitting that changes the path of the pipe by 90 °. It is very helpful to change the direction of the conduit line where it is needed.

elbow black
tee black


A Tee is a T-shaped pipe fitting with lateral outlets. It is used to connect 3 different pipes, which are at an angle of 90 °, to the neighboring one. It is generally used when you don’t need a connection point for ceiling roses and bulb holders.


A coupling is one of the simplest conduit fittings. It is like an adapter that allows you to connect two different pipes and extend or continue the conduit line.

coupling black
bend black


A bend is a type of conduit fitting that changes the direction of the pipe by 90 ° in a concealed wiring system. It works very similar to an elbow used for open wiring. It gently changes direction to allow easy pulling of electrical wires during concealed wiring.


A saddle is used to fix or mount the conduit wiring network with a solid surface so that the setup remains intact in its place. There are generally four types of saddle: patti saddle, saddle base with screw, lock saddle, and push saddle. Basically, they differ in the way they clamp the conduit pipe with them. But wire clips are now widely used.

saddle black

Junction boxes

Junction boxes can be used to create connection points and provide mounting support for bulb holders and ceiling roses. Apart from that, they facilitate the reconfiguration by providing the passage to pull the wires in the concealed wiring system. There are two types of junction boxes: deep junction boxes and junction boxes. They differ in the size of the case. A deep junction box has a larger enclosure space, which is why they are preferred for concealed slab wiring.

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