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A Pin-Type Anchor Fasteners is an expansive metal fitting that adheres to the application surface when the provided pin is struck into the passage. They are designed to affix an object with a concrete surface or any sturdy surface which can withstand the stress involved.

They work on a friction locking mechanism incorporating screw-threads and impact-expansion. The top end of the fastener is threaded while the bottom end has four evenly separated cutouts along the perimeter.

When the pin is struck into the passage by hammering, the lower end expands and adheres to the application surface. The threaded top end is provided with nuts to keep the enclosed object intact with the surface. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes to support all types of applications.

Pin-Type Anchor Fasteners


Heavy Quality Pin-Type Fasteners



Swift Installation

No special tools are required to install a pin-type anchor fastener. They can be easily installed with a drill and hammer. This makes their installation quick and inexpensive compared to other fasteners.

Easy Maintenance

The main advantage of using these fasteners is that the fastened object can be changed without affecting the clamping strength of the anchor system. This makes future maintenance work swift and easy.

Yellow Dichromate Plated

The yellow dichromate coating prevents corrosion of the zinc and increases the overall protection of the fasteners. Consequently, they also inherit a rainbow or iridescent look with dominant yellow tones.

Raised Impact Section

Our fasteners are designed with a raised impact section to protect the screw threads from possible deformation during installation. It even allows better penetration of fasteners into the passage created by the drill, making installation swift and easier.


The first step in installing a pin-type anchor fastener is to drill a hole of sufficient depth and size to match the diameter of the fastener. This can be done using a hammer drill with a carbide bit equal to the diameter of the anchor to be installed.

The drilled hole must be cleaned to ensure that the hole is large enough for the fastener to be easily inserted. Make sure that the supplied nut and washer are placed on the top end to avoid damaging the threads during insertion. Enclose the object to be placed between them and the mounting surface.

Tap the fastener with a hammer until the nuts and washer are tightened against the fixture. Next strike the supplied nail into the passage within the fastener until it gets affixed. Finally, tighten the nut to secure the enclosed object with the application surface.

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