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Conduit Fittings or Pipe Fittings are connectors and accessories that are used with conduit pipes to form an interconnected network for the enclosed electrical wiring. With Press Fit’s PVC Conduit Pipes, the electrical wiring is completely protected but as is the case with all networks, the junctions and connectors which are the weakest points. Press Fit’s Conduit Fittings connect perfectly with the piping and form a safe and protected enclosure for the wires even at junctions.

Press Fit has been a well-known manufacturer of Pipe Fittings in India for 25 years! Press Fit’s Pipe Fittings are sturdy, reliable, and competitively-priced, with various choices for every application. Pipe fittings include Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Bends, Junction Boxes, Reducers, Push Saddles, Female Bush Adapters, etc. They are available in various sizes and colours for compatibility with our PVC Conduit Pipes.

Press Fit manufacturers three different types of conduit fitting to cater to different consumer needs and applications: ISI-marked Heavy Conduit Fittings, Sturdy Galaxy Conduit Fittings, and Light Press Teak Conduit Fittings.

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Heavy Conduit Fittings are ISI-marked fittings that are mainly used for heavy performance applications like concrete slab-work. Press Fit’s heavy-duty PVC Conduit Fittings offer outstanding rigidity and strength that keeps your enclosed wiring safe and secure across all conditions.


Galaxy Conduit fittings are used primarily for moderate performance applications while offering superior aesthetics, application time, and surface finish. They offer great strength and insulate your electrical wiring well in all conditions.

PRESSTEAK light conduit fittings LOGO

Press Teak Conduit Fittings are budget conduit fittings that are mainly used for light performance applications like surface wiring. These are competitively-priced to give you the best quality at a great price.


Fan box is an electrical device that provides secure mounting to a ceiling fan. Being one of the most sought-after Fan Box manufacturers in India, Press Fit has an unmatched variety of shapes and designs to suit various applications.