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A Switch Board is used to enclose electrical accessories such as switches, sockets, indicators, dimmers, regulators, etc. As the name suggests, it is basically a board of switches and other power control devices. It provides the necessary support and protection from any direct contact of foreign objects.

Gemini Switchboards are future-ready with cutting possibilities. This feature proves to be very handy while making any new installations. Besides, it also helps you avoid the hassle of manual cutting required for mounting bulb holders

Gemini Switchboards

4 Way

Gemini Switchboard 4 Way

9 Way

Gemini Switchboard 9 Way

13 Way

Gemini Switchboard 13 Way


Greater Wall Thickness

The wall thickness of Gemini Switchboards is greater than the competing ISI-marked products in the market. This makes them more durable and reliable for any electrical applications.

Sturdy Pillar Support

The inner pillars are placed within the enclosure to support maximum pressure. Besides, the pillars are thicker and stronger for supreme reliability and structural support.

Knockouts for Casing Entry

Well-placed knockouts eases the penetration of PVC Casing and makes the wiring and installation process smoother and efficient.

Special Cutting for Bulb Holders

Special provisions made for bulb holders save your time and labor by avoiding the manual cutting required when installing an electric bulb within the switchboard.

Easy Lock Fitting

The male-female locking mechanism makes it super simple for electricians to firmly adhere cover and base with each other. This also makes the entire structure more robust.

Cutting Possibilities

With special knockouts, Gemini Switchboards are future-proof for any new electrical installations. They come with breakable sides, which make them flexible and adaptable for switches (1M) and sockets (2M) as needed.

Common Applications Of Switchboards

Enclosure and Protection
Power Distribution
Extension Switchboard

Switchboards are used primarily to enclose and protect the electrical wiring and the switches from damage. They also prevent accidental human contact with live wires which could lead to electrocution.

Switchboards are one of the most commonly-used devices in household power connections. They are used as a single-point location for turning appliances, devices, and connections on or off.

Switchboards are used to make inexpensive DIY extension boards as well. This helps to avoid the cost of buying a new extension board. Many students use it for academic and scientific projects because these are much more customizable than ready-made extension boards. You can find several articles and videos on the internet that are specially created on “how to make an extension board yourself”.