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PVC Electrical Tape is a type of adhesive tape used to insulate, protect, bundle, and color-code electrical wires for wiring operations.

They are manufactured from thermoplastic PVC sheets and non-corrosive adhesive. These PVC sheets are highly elastic and give the PVC tape ability to stretch and adapt to the electrical wiring as needed.

Pressfit’s FR-PVC Tapes are available in 5 different colors namely; Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green and have a dimension of 0.13 mm thickness x 18 mm width x 7.0 m length.


Superior Adhesive

Pressfit FR-PVC Tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape that adheres when pressure is applied. This makes it necessary to have an adhesive of the highest quality in order to achieve a firm tack without transferring it on the application surface.

Resistance To Abrasion

They have an excellent hole-free PVC film quality and are very resistant to abrasion. They provide complete resistance to moisture, weather, chemicals and corrosion.

Withstand upto 6000V AC

They are designed to withstand electric current of up to 6000 V AC. This makes them suitable for insulating electrical wires and cables, even carrying high voltages.

Fire Retardant

In the hour of a fire emergency, fire retardant properties prove to be lifesavers as they limit the flame in a certain area and further contain the spread of the fire. They are made of self-extinguishing material with excellent insulating and mechanical properties.


They don’t stretch any longer than necessary, and can easily be cut off once you have the desired length of PVC tape. This makes them easy to use as you will often use them for wiring operations.

High Elasticity

High elasticity gives the FR-PVC adhesive tape an excellent grip, which is necessary for better insulation and fault-free connections.


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