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Pendant Holder or Hanging Bulb Holder is a type of bulb holder that hangs down with a movable wire attached to a ceiling rose. It has a wide range of application which includes lightening Diwali lantern, study table, corridor, etc. Pendant Bulb Holders mechanically holds and provides power to the bulb. Also, it offers the security and comfort of replacing bulbs when needed.

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Galaxy (w/ Plug)

pendant holder with plug and wire


uni pendant holder

Galaxy - Metal Ring

pendant holder

Zel Adaptor

zel adapter


multi parallel adaptor holder

LX - Metal Ring

pendant holder

OBR Black

obr pendant holder

Jewel - Metal Ring

pendant holder

Galaxy (w/o Skirt)

pendant holder

Jewel - Plastic Ring

pendant holder

2 Pin Parallel

2 pin parallel adaptor holder

Jewel (w/ Skirt)

pendant holder

Jewel Baby




2 Pin Holder



Strong Hold

A strong hold is very crucial for the safety of bulbs. We take this requirement into consideration and manufacture Pendant Bulb Holders that are made to provide a better grip for every type of bulbs.

Heat Resistant

If you use bulbs for too long, it can cause excess heat. The heat is also transmitted towards the Pendant Bulb Holder. This can reduce the lifespan of the Pendant Bulb Holder. To counter this, our products are made heat-resistant, which is one of the reasons for the high durability of our products.

Rust Resistant

We use the best available technologies to manufacture these Pendant Bulb Holders. Our processes are continuously optimized to manufacture the best rust-free products at reasonable prices.

Fancy Designs

Consumers are not looking for just any Pendant Bulb Holder. The market is moving towards designer products that match the interiors and add a better look. We have a wide range of designer Pendant Bulb Holders to meet this demand.

Highly Durable

Being a top name in the industry, we are always concerned about manufacturing quality. High durability is always expected from our products by the consumers.

Common Applications Of Pendant Bulb Holders

Table Lamp
False Ceiling

  • A large number of people spend a lot of their time near the study table. Having a bulb near the desk provides a strong light, which is especially useful if you need to study until late at night. It also helps reduce misreading of the text.

  • An artificial ceiling is created beneath the existing ceiling. The gap between the actual ceiling and false ceiling is used to install lights with the help of various electrical accessories such as bulb holders wires, conduit pipes, etc. This helps avoid wires and adds a premium look to the interiors.

  • Pendant Bulb Holders are used by people over their bathroom mirrors to have a greater light intensity in front of the mirror. It is useful for checking undone spots after makeup or cuts after shaving.

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