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Non-modular switches are the traditional switches that have been widely used for many decades. They are generally more budget-friendly than modular switches. The attributes that distinguish non-modular switches from modular switches include exposed screws, classic design, and superior grip with the switchboard. They are widely used in rural areas in comparison with modular switches. Many electricians find it more comfortable to work with since they are more used to working with the conventional non-modular switches and screws.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable traditional switching solution, it is a good idea to use conventional switches with Pressfit’s Gold or Glory Non-Modular Switches. We manufacture a variety of non-modular switches and accessories to provide the best non-modular switches for home, office, and industrial use. For modular range of switches and plates, check out Pressfit Modular Switches.

Pressfit’s best-selling Gold Non-Modular Range of Switches offers the classic look used and liked by millions of customers across India. Gold is preferred today because of its excellent reliability and performance in tougher environments as well.

Pressfit’s Glory Range of Non-Modular Switches are made from Polycarbonate and hence, they are some of the toughest switches in the market. The Glory range offers a wide variety of switches, sockets, combined products, and accessories to meet the vast requirements in all types of traditional electrical setups.

Meticulously manufactured in India, Pressfit’s Gold and Glory Switches are ideal for traditional electrical setups and are compatible with our best-selling range of ISI-marked SwitchboardsNano Gang BoxesEcho Gang BoxesExcel Switch Boards, and Charms Concealed Boards.

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