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Electrical Gang Boxes are used to encase electrical components such as switches, sockets, dimmers, etc. They provide the necessary support and safety from direct contact with external objects. The main purpose of a gang box is to provide the framework for distributing the main power supply across various devices and appliances. The idea is that you can “gang” up electrical components in the box, hence the name.

By their very nature, UNI Modular Gang Boxes are screwless gang boxes, besides they are compatible with Press Fit’s KP Broad Switch and ARRO Flat Switch. They come with silver and white borders to suit different user preferences and needs.

UNI Modular Gang Boxes

Uni-2 gang box
Uni-1 gang box


Elegant Designs

With better and more elegant designs, Press Fit’s Wiring Devices and Electrical Enclosures look better and are more pleasing to the eye.

Widest Range

Press Fit has the widest range of Wiring Devices and Electrical Enclosures in the marketplace. We give the customers more options to choose from and meet their requirements.

Easy to Install

By understanding the needs and wants of consumers, we have created a wide range of user-friendly gang boxes. You can easily install them in minutes without much effort.


Our products are reliable and more durable. Made using superior raw materials, Press Fit’s Gang Boxes have higher impact strength and can sustain harsher environments.

Application of Electrical Gang Boxes

Power Distribution
Enclosing Live Wires
Extension Cord

Gang Boxes are one of the most commonly used devices for making household power connections. A gang box houses switches, sockets, and other devices used to operate various electrical appliances.

Gang Boxes are made using insulating plastic materials that safely act as a barrier between the internal live wires or connections and the users. By enclosing the wires and terminals, they also reduce the amount of dust that settles on them – ensuring a trouble-free use for a longer time.

Many hobbyists and electricians use gang boxes to make inexpensive DIY extension cords. You can find several videos and articles on the internet explaining how to create them. It gives them the flexibility to create customizable extension cords according to their specific application requirements.