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Concealed boxes are simple enclosures used to create mounting support and enclose wires in a concealed wiring system. These are different from surface boxes in their application: they are concealed inside a wall. Concealed Boxes are necessary for mounting switches right on the wall.

Their main function is to protect the enclosed wiring from moisture, heat, corrosion, etc. and to give them a long service life. These are available in different modules, dimensions, and sizes depending on the requirements of the application as well as in both plastic and metal variants.

Concealed Boxes are also commonly known as modular boxes, metal boxes, mounting boxes etc. Pressfit is India’s leading manufacturer of Wiring Devices and to cater to the wide tastes of the country, we make six different types of concealed boxes and boards: Tejas Modular Concealed Boxes, One Modular Concealed Boxes, One Concealed Metal Boxes, Diya Concealed Boxes, Press Teak Concealed Boards, and Charms Concealed Boards.

Charms Concealed Board

Diya Concealed Boxes

One Concealed Boxes

Tejas Concealed Boxes


Adequate Knockouts

They have a sufficient number of knockouts on all sides so that you can use them flexibly in different directions for easy and safe wiring installation.

High Compatibility

Our concealed boxes are available in various designs and sizes for different customer needs and requirements. They can be used to mount various electrical products without any compatibility issues.

Superior Protection

Pressfit’s concealed boxes offer excellent protection against external influences and protect your wires and cables from moisture, heat, and physical damage. It increases the durability of your wiring devices and ensures a longer service life.


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