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A Round Cover Plate is a simple electrical accessory that covers and seals the top or end of an electrical outlet to give it a good final look. It primarily serves as a shield for the encased electrical wiring. They are also used to create a mounting base for installing bulb holders or ceiling roses.

These are also commonly known as fan plates, cover plates, round plates, electrical cover plates, etc. A variety of cover plates are available, depending on which electrical accessory needs to be covered or mounted. They are commonly used to cover ceiling fan boxes, concealed boxes, junction boxes, etc.

To meet the diverse requirements of the Indian electrical consumers, Press Fit manufactures a huge variety of round plates in different sizes, shapes, and types. They are given easy-to-remember names for faster ordering: Splendor, Boss, Badshah, Diya, Nawab, Boss, Mint, Eva, and Tejas.


round cover plates


round cover plates


Diya Round Cover Plate


round cover plates

Fan Plate

round cover plates


Tejas Round Cover Plate


round cover plates


round cover plates


Nawab Round Cover Plate


Easy To Install

Press Fit Cover Plates are easy to install and support quick installation. This makes them very handy for covering unwanted orifices created during wiring reconfiguration.

High Compatibility

A variety of cover plates are available to support different applications. They can be easily synchronized with various electrical accessories such as concealed metal boxes, fan boxes, ceiling roses, etc.

Sturdy Plastic Body

Round Cover Plates come with a sturdy plastic body that prevents deformation and gives you the freedom to use them roughly without damaging them.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Press Fit offers a large selection of cover plates in various designs and sizes. They perfectly harmonize with the application surface and give your wall and ceiling a complete look.

Applications of Round Cover Plate

Ceiling Fan Box
Create Finishing Base
Junction Box

You can cover your ceiling fan box with Press Fit’s Mint Round Plate and Fan Plate. They have a plastic forged structure in the middle that is cut off during installation to allow the ceiling fan pipe to pass through. They help hide the construction work and give your ceiling fan a great finishing touch.

Bulb Holders and Ceiling Roses are mounted on the round cover plate. These plates have all the necessary holes through which electrical wires can be passed, and bulb holder / ceiling roses can be screwed onto them.

Junction boxes are used during concealed wiring to branch wires from a junction point. It has an opening on one side of the box to allow wiring. The opening is sealed using a simple round cover plate to protect the wiring from external objects and to give the entire concealed wiring a final look.