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Porcelain Fuse is a protective device that consists of a porcelain fuse carrier and a base with metal contacts attached. These metal contacts are connected to incoming and outgoing wires.

Further, the circuit is completed when a porcelain fuse carrier is inserted into the base connecting the load-side circuit to the source-side circuit. They protect electrical devices from excess current due to overload by breaking off the circuit.

The main advantage of this type of fuse is that it can be easily disconnected from the circuit without the risk of coming into contact with the live wire. 

Pressfit is one of the leading manufacturers of porcelain fuses in India. Our fuses are designed for an operating voltage of 240 V and 415 V at 16 amp, 32 amp, 63 amp, 100 amp and 200 amp rated current. They are known for their robustness and excellent wear and tear resistance, which makes them the best option for outdoor installations.

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These porcelain fuses have a high heat tolerance to ensure that they can withstand a rise in temperature when overloaded. In addition, the metal contacts used are very resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. This makes them very secure against deterioration and gives the porcelain fuses a long service life.

Shrouded Live Parts

All live parts used to manufacture these fuses are shrouded to prevent any direct contact with external influences. This makes them very safe and secure to operate for installation and maintenance work.

Easy To Install

Pressfit Porcelain Fuses are devised to be user-friendly for any level of expertise. They also offer swift installations to reduce the possibility of faulty installations.

Premium Build Quality

PressFit brings an excellent assortment of porcelain fuses made using impact-resistant base material. These products are designed for fast, smooth, and secure installation. The product conforms to the high standards for domestic as well as commercial needs. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with trust and quality for the excellent track record of our products.


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