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Bollard lights are commonly installed outdoors to illuminate pathways, landscapes, driveways, compounds, parking lots, etc. Due to their robust body structure, they are well protected from dust, water, and other external nuisances.

The head part consists of a polycarbonate light mount, while the bottom part consists of a cylindrical aluminium body. These materials impart specific properties that improve their performance and usability. Aluminium being lightweight and rust-resistant allows easy installation, maintenance, and improved durability.

These bollards use LED circuit boards and B22 lamps as a lighting solution. LED PCBs come built-in with the LED bulkhead variant, while the b22 bulb has to be installed by the consumer as needed.










IP54 Class Protection

They are devised with IP54 protection, which denotes the protection grade against dust (5) and liquid (4). They are well-protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits which do not affect performance. In the case of liquid, it is protected against water splashed from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

360° Illumination Range

The standard cone reflectors (LED Bollards) emit an even, soft light that covers a 360 ° lighting area. The light intensity blends seamlessly with the environment and illuminates everything around it. The light source is hidden, which gives it a very elegant look.

Robust Body Material

They use high-quality components made of powder-coated aluminium & polycarbonate, designed for a long service life. Polycarbonate materials are characterized by high impact strength and high softening temperature. This allows them to gain high strength against external forces and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

High Power Factor (>0.9)

Every luminaire consumes active and reactive power, which adds up as apparent power. Real power is the energy that is consumed while reactive power is wasted. The power factor (= active power / apparent power) provides information about energy efficiency, which is very helpful when choosing the right product.


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