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A distribution board is not just an enclosure, but a comprehensive system in itself, consisting of earth link, busbar, neutral link, removable gland plates, pan assembly, etc. to enable effective power distribution. No electrical installation is complete without a distribution board and hence, DBs are found in every home, office, building, or outdoor electrical setup.

The main function of a distribution board is to enclose and provide the necessary mounting base to the DB accessories such as MCBsRCCBs, Isolators, etc. The system as a whole is used to distribute the power supply evenly across various circuits in a controlled manner to avoid overloading and short circuits.

Due to their ubiquity, they are referred to by many names. Some of the common terms are distribution panel, panel board, electricity board, electrical panel board, distribution box, power distribution board, mcb board, power distribution box, mcb box, etc.

Pressfit manufactures distribution boards in various designs, dimensions, and sizes ranging from 1 Way To 16 Way to support a wide range of applications.



Gold TPN DB 6 Way

Gold TPN DB 16 Way


Gold Metal Enclosures



IP42 Protection Double Door

The metal double door (with IP42 protection) protects your DB accessories from acute water spray or other foreign objects. It also keeps the MCBs and RCCBs beyond the reach of kids who might trip them manually and cut off the power supply.

Available With Busbar And Neutral Link

The busbar simplifies the wiring as the wires do not have to be repeated over mcbs. The neutral link allows the neutral wire to be connected quickly and easily, making the wiring configuration clean and free of joints.

Aid Cable Management

They are equipped with removable top and bottom gland plates with a series of knockouts for better cable management. These knockouts at relevant positions minimize the sharp cable bends and make it suitable for wider applications.

Ample Space

We provide ample space inside the distribution box to make wiring configuration swift and easier. It increases the overall efficiency of the users and also reduces the cost of labor associated with it.


There are generally three types of distribution board:

  1. Single Door DB 
  2. Double Door DB
  3. Acrylic DB

They can also be classified into SPN (Single Pole Neutral) and TPN (Triple Pole Neutral) distribution boxes. The simple difference between SPN DB and TPN DB is their ability to support the number of phases in the power distribution system. SPN DB is used when a single-phase power supply is required, as with household appliances. While TPN is used where a three-phase power supply is required, such as in large industrial plants.


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