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Power Accessories are collections of electrical products that make our lives easier and enable electrical equipment to be used quickly.  Each product is specially designed for a specific task. They owe their name to the job they do in everyday electrical work. For example, a spike guard is used to prevent any possible damages to electrical devices from voltages spikes.

Flex Boxes, Spike Guards, Foot Lights, Plug Tops & Multiplugs make up the Press Fit range of power accessories. The range is available in a variety of sizes, designs and models to meet all types of electrical wiring needs.

Extension Flex Box or Board is a portable electrical panel with a long electrical cable that extends the power source beyond the original one. It is also known as Extension Cord, Extension Box, Flex Box, Power Wheel, Extension Wheel, or Power Strip among customers and manufacturers.

An extension flex board helps to extend a power source to a remote device. It gives you the freedom to install/use different electrical appliances wherever you need them.

A Spike Guard is an electrical device used to protect electrical equipments from voltage spikes, surges, and fluctuations. These voltage spikes can occur due to many reasons: a Lightning Strike, Fluctuation from the Electricity Provider, or Improper Electrical Wiring. Fluctuations in a power outlet can cause serious and catastrophic damages to the equipment connected to it.

A Spike Guard is commonly used with printers, TVs, refrigerators, computers, laptops and other sensitive electronic devices to protect them from voltage fluctuations. Although it is recommended to install expensive equipment with Voltage Stabilizers, Spike Guards provide an economical protection measure. 

A Foot light is simple lighting device used to create sources of light in bedrooms, stairs, home passages, office lobbies, parks, shopping malls, hotels, and other areas. As the name suggests, they are fixed at a lower elevation from the ground.

Pressfit manufactures LED Foot Lights in several different sizes (modules), designs, and light colors such as Red, White, Warm, White, Blue, Green, and Yellow. This gives you greater flexibility to harmonize them with your home, office and other places. They serve as perfect utility devices!

Pressfit manufactures a wide range of Plug Tops, Multi-Plugs, Connectors, Adaptors, and several other essential accessories for every need. They seem insignificant, but they are essential electrical accessories in everyday life.

People used it often on vacation, on business trips, during festivals and other special occasions. They are very useful for performing simple operations like making your laptop compatible with other types of sockets, creating multiple power points to illuminate several electrical decors with a single power source, etc.

Capacitor is a power device connected in series with the auxiliary winding of a motor to create a rotatory magnetic field and set the motor in motion.

For example, electric fans use a single phase motor to blow the air, but they are not self-starting motors because the torques produced by the windings cancel out. Hence, they require an external force to align the cancelling torques into net-non-zero torque and put the fan in motion.

AC boxes are the power supply units used for heavy-load home appliances like geyser, refrigerator, oven, air conditioner, etc. They are provided with a MCB-protected socket to prevent damages caused due to overload or short circuit. Unlike other enclosures, these boxes are ready-to-use and only require minimal electrical wiring. This enables swift creation of power outlets without much hassle. Pressfit AC Boxes are available with metallic as well as plastic back for different types of applicational uses. They are suitable for single-point protection of home appliances.

Pressfit offers a wide range of electrical accessories from conduit pipes to wire clips, but we have more to offer. Here are the various electrical products which are barely noticed but have crucial uses in our daily lives:

Camper DP Boxes, Reverse Forward Switch, Concealed Light Box, Strip Connector, Dummy Plates, Rotor Holder, Safety Plug, Phase Selector Switch

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