Things To Consider Before Buying Modular Switches

In the past, non-modular switches were found in every home or commercial premise. But today people prefer to buy modular switches, and there are many reasons behind this overwhelming paradigm shift in customer’s choices. The main difference that can be seen at a glance is that screws are not visible in the modular switches that […]

Wires And Cables Are Not One And The Same… Here Is Why?

Life without electricity is hard to imagine, so does life without wires and cables. They are basic building blocks of the entire electrical system that we take for granted and hardly notice their remarkable contributions in our daily lives. We ignore them to such an extent that we blur the distinction between wires and cables […]

Types Of Wires And Cables That Are Commonly Used

Wires and cables are the prerequisites for electrical installations. They form the necessary connection path for the power supply from the source to the consuming device. Therefore, it becomes very important to have good quality wires and cables before any other electrical product. You can easily find different types of wires and cables in the […]

A Brief Information On Electrical Gang Boxes

What Are Gang Boxes? Electrical Gang Boxes are simple enclosures that affix different switchboard accessories such as switches, socket, regulator, indicator, etc. onto it. In simple terms, they are used to “Gang Up” different switchboard accessories onto the box, where the name “Gang Box” comes from. What Sizes Does The Gang Boxes Come In? They […]

A Brief Information On Female Bush Adapter

Female Bush Adapters are a type of conduit fittings that connect PVC Pipes To DB Boxes without the need of flexible pipe. It has screw threadings for tightening or loosening the connected electrical accessories. Hence, a Female bush adapter is a good replacement for a flexible pipe. They are used to create alterable passageways for […]

Why Face Shield May Not Be Enough To Protect You From COVID-19

After the Covid-19 pandemic, people were looking for different ways to protect themselves from coronavirus. Some resorted to the use of face masks, others to face shields. But, whether they are effective at protecting you from coronavirus is a question for many. There are mixed opinions among experts about the effectiveness of prevalent methods of […]