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Twin-twisted flexible wires consist of two independently insulated wires that are twisted around one another. This configuration makes them durable by avoiding clutters of wires while securing them. Pressfit TT Flexible Wires have been used by millions of households in India and worldwide.

They are prevalently used in rural areas and during festivals to secure power supply across various lighting fixtures and appliances.

twin twisted flexible wires


Enhanced Flexibility

Due to the higher flexibility, Pressfit Twin-Twisted Flexible Wire is ideal for every type of house wiring. They can be used as a simple solution to provide a temporary power supply for lighting the bulb and making connections across fans, festival lights, etc.

Ease Of Wiring

They come very handy for securing a temporary connection or a small amount of wiring. You only need a live and a neutral wire to secure the power connection. This helps avoid the tedious job of procuring them separately with the electrical wiring system.

High Abrasion Tolerance

Pressfit TT Flexible Wire comes with superior insulation, which awards them a high abrasion tolerance. Consequently, they have a higher service life and better protection against any electrical failures.

Energy Efficient

Our wires are made from electrolytic copper (the purest form of copper available) and thin strands of copper that are pulled multiple times simultaneously for uniform resistance, dimension, and flexibility. This ensures high electrical conductivity and minimal power loss over the length of the cable.

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