Wall Plugs

Wall Plugs (also known as Rawal Plugs, Plastic Gitti, or expansion anchors) are plastic inserts for enabling the attachment of a screw in porous or brittle surfaces or material that would not support the weight of the object attached with the screw. Wall Plugs are the essential hardware accessory found in the tool-kit of an electrician or carpenter. Press Fit Wall Plugs are available in two variants: round and square-base and in 5 sizes. Interesting Fact: Wall Plugs are more commonly referred to as Rawal Plugs in India. Actually, this colloquial name comes from the name of the company who first started selling it. The first wall plug was invented by John Joseph Rawlings in 1911 and marketed under the name Rawlplug.


The Wall Plug is inserted loosely into a drilled hole and then a screw is tightened into the center. As the screw enters the plug, the soft material of the wall plug expands conforming tightly to the wall material. Wall Plugs can attach two objects to each-other in situations where screws, nails, adhesives, or other simple fasteners are either impractical or ineffective.