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A line tester is an electrical tool used to test the presence of current and to identify phase / live wire in electrical installations. When the metal tip of the tester comes in contact with a live circuit, a small light encased inside the handle of the tool starts glowing.

It is easier to use and cheaper than other measuring devices like multi-meters. Apart from that, it can also be used as a screwdriver to tighten the masonry screws. As you can guess, line testers are practically life-saving devices and should always be used before touching any piece of wiring or metal part in a circuit.

No electrician can go about his day without a reliable line tester in his toolkit. Press Fit has been the go-to line tester brand for lakhs of electricians in India and abroad for more than 2 decades! Under the child brand of Press Teak, we offer a range of robust and reliable line testers that are indispensable for electricians, households, and offices.


line tester screwdriver


Splendor Line Tester

Sathi Deluxe

line tester screwdriver


line tester screwdriver


line tester screwdriver

Sathi Gold

sathi gold S L -1


Sathiya Line Tester


line tester screwdriver

King Industrial

line tester screwdriver

Zen Industrial

line tester screwdriver

Badshah Industrial

line tester screwdriver

One Industrial

line tester screwdriver


Industrious Metal Rod

With a robust metal rod, our line testers can be used for difficult electrical situations. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Magnetic Tip

A magnetic tip makes it very easy for line testers to easily pull out nuts, screws and nails. It also prevents accidental loss of screws when loosened. They stick to the magnetic tip and do not fall off due to gravity.

Shock-proof Handle

Our line testers come with complete insulation to provide you better protection against electrocution. Complete insulation is very essential for the safety of your life.

Bright and Efficient Neon LED Indicator

Press Fit line testers come with a reliable, bright neon indicator light to alert you about the presence of electricity in the line.

Unbreakable Handle Body made of Premium K-Resin

Applications Of Line Testers

Current Detection
Operating Screws

The main purpose of the line tester is to detect the presence of electricity in the circuit line. If the metal tip of the line tester comes in contact with a live cable, the neon lamp gets illuminated at the end of the tester. It acts as a quick signal to the user about the presence of electricity.

Line Testers can also be used to tighten or loosen the screws while making connections across various electrical devices such as switches, sockets, holders, etc. They are very handy for handling metal screws especially thanks to the magnetic tip.