Line Testers

Press Fit Line Testers are suitable for home as well as industrial use. The industrial-grade insulation body provides excellent protection from electrical shocks. The body is ergonomically designed to provide a firm grip to the user. These line testers can be used to check basic circuit characteristics like Live Wires in electrical installation as well as for fitting purposes.



Sathi Deluxe



Sathi Gold



King Industrial

Zen Industrial

Badshah Industrial

One Industrial


Sturdy Construction

Well-designed and Sturdy Material Quality makes the product suitable for use in rough conditions.

Robust Insulation

A robust insulation body made of specialized plastic protects the user from electrical shocks.

Bright Neon Indicator

A bright neon indicator inside the Tester provides confirmation of the electrical current in the touched body – Line Testing.

Magnetic Tip

The metal head of the Line Tester is magnetic and nature which makes it very easy to pull out screws after unscrewing.