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Fan Capacitor is a power device connected in series with the auxiliary winding of a fan motor to create a rotatory magnetic field and set the fan in motion.

For example, electric fans use a single phase motor to blow the air, but they are not self-starting motors because the torques produced by the windings cancel out. Hence, they require an external force to align the cancelling torques into net-non-zero torque and put the fan in motion.

However, since we expect the fan to work with just the push of a button, this is where the role of the capacitor comes into play. By bringing the alternating current in the auxiliary winding 90 degrees forward with respect to the main winding, capacitors create a net-non-zero torque that allows the fan to spin without the help of any external force.

We have 3 types of fan capacitors:
1. Fan Capacitor
2. Oil-Filled Fan Capacitor
3. Super Fan Capacitor

fan capacitor icon
Dry Type – Polypropylene Can
Code MFD
977000 2.00
977010 2.25
977020 2.50
977030 3.15
977040 4.00
Oil Type – Aluminium Can
Code MFD
977300 2.00
977310 2.25
977320 2.50
977330 3.15
977340 4.00
super fan capacitor icon
Dry Type – Poly Propylene Can
Code MFD
977250 2.00
977260 2.25
977270 2.50
977280 3.15
977290 4.00
fan capacitor

Fan Capacitor


Low Dissipation Factor

Dissipation factors refer to the inefficiency of an insulating material in holding energy. With a lower dissipation factor, Pressfit Capacitors can save electricity by reducing the power loss. At the same time, this leads to high efficiency in power transmission

Oil Impregnated

The main use of oil to cool down the heating caused during operation. Free flow of oil impregnates uniform cooling of the capacitors, making it very suitable for tropical and subtropical conditions.

Leak-Proof Compact Design

Our products are very reliable thanks to its leak proof compact design. They are devised to prevent any possible leakage of oil from the oil filled capacitors and gives them a longer lifespan.

High Longevity

Zero loss of capacitance during the operations results in a high and uniform air blowing capacity over a long period of time. Our products stand for trust and quality due to their excellent past performance.

Self-Healing, Metallized Polypropylene Film

When a breakdown occurs in a metalized film capacitor, the thin metal layer around the fault area evaporates by arcing. This vaporization process removes the conductive metal layer in the area around the defect. Since the conductive material is removed, no short circuit between the plates can occur. This prevents component failure.

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