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Pressfit offers a wide range of electrical accessories from conduit pipes to wire clips, but we have more to offer. Here are the various electrical products which are barely noticed but have crucial uses in our daily lives.

Camper Surface DP

Camper DP Boxes are ready-to-use electrical accessories that allow you to quickly set up double-pole circuit breakers. It requires minimal wiring and the device is up and running in no time. The included DP-MCB takes on the vital role of breaking the circuit to prevent damage from excessive current due to short circuit or overload.

Camper Surface DP
reverse forward switch angle

R-F Switch

Reverse Forward Switch is a manually operated switch that allows us to reverse the operating direction of an electric motor. These switches are commonly used for 3-phase industrial motors, milling machines, drill, lathe, etc. RF Switch’s lever can be held at 3 positions: Left (Forward), Middle (Open), Right (Reverse). They can also be operated as a change-over switch to change the power supply from regular electricity supply to generator power supply.

Concealed Light Box

Concealed light boxes are simple enclosures used to create a mounting bracket for concealed ceiling lights. They have a round shape and are therefore compatible with both square and round ceiling lights. Numerous knockouts are casted along the periphery to ensure wiring flexibility. Along the opening there are two cutouts at opposite ends for quick and easy installation of concealed ceiling lights.

GX Concealed Light Box White
5 Amp. Strip Connector

Strip Connector

Strip Connectors allow you to make solder-less connections across multiple electrical lines. They work by inserting the wire strip into the connectors. These connectors are primarily used in industries, power supplies, or other electrical applications that require sizable input and output connections. Thermoplastic properties of the manufacturing material make them resistant to extremely high temperatures. 

Dummy Plates

Pressfit Dummy Plates hide extra cutouts permanently or until a use for it is found. It protects the control panel wiring from direct contact with the outside environment. If necessary, you can easily install any other electrical accessory by removing it as needed. Other than that, it gives the control panel a more complete and better look.

Dummy Plate
Rotor Holder

Rotor Holder

Rotor Holders are used in pairs along the terminals of a tube light stand. They are used to supply power and clamp the fluorescent tube with the stand. It has a vertical partition between the rotor to pass the tube ends. It is then rotated to power and lock it with the rotor holder (tube stand).

Safety Plug

Safety Plugs are electrical devices that form a protective layer to keep the socket out of reach. Small children, who are unaware of the consequences of touching live electrical parts, usually try to put their finger into the socket cavities. To protect your loved ones, you should always use Pressfit safety plugs for an ideal socket.

Safety Plug

Phase Selector Switch

Phase selector switch is a manually-operated switch. They are operated by turning the knob instead of pressing it. It consists of three (single-phase) changeover switches, each connected to one of the three phases. The single-phase loads are distributed to the three outgoing phase connections. They help solve a common phase cut problem by temporarily switching to the appropriate phase.

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