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Electrical wires and cables are an essential part of any electrical system. Many people undermine their vital role in robust power distribution and opt for cheaper, low-quality variants. This makes them more prone to electrical failure. Hence, it is always advisable to use good quality wires and cables.

Pressfit is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical wires and cables with a growing presence across India as well as overseas markets. We offer various types of wires and cables in a wide variety of sizes.

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Using electrolytic-grade copper and specialized PVC insulation with Anti-Rodent, Anti-Termite, and Low Smoke Emission properties, Pressfit’s SFT1 Wires put first, what’s most important: Safety.

Pressfit SFT1™ building wires are manufactured with the Safety 1st in mind, which is most important. They are made using electrolytic-grade copper and special PVC insulation having Anti-Rodent, Anti-Termite, and Low Smoke Emission properties.

Single-Core Building wires are typical electrical wires and cables used in construction of almost every commercial, industrial, and residential premises.

Pressfit Multi-Core Industrial Cables are made from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper wires with low conductor resistance. They are available in 2-core, 3-core and 4-core variants. The sheath is coated with a specially formulated PVC mixture to not only make stripping easier, but also to withstand all types of mechanical abrasion during use.

Submersible cables are specially designed for underwater use or in damp environments. They are used to connect underwater submersible pump sets to power supply lines in the agriculture, irrigation, domestic & outdoor sectors.
Press Fit manufactures Submersible Cables with excellent insulation so that they do not react with chemical, greasy or liquid particles and offer the best performance at optimal cost. It has the ability to withstand the adverse conditions of a humid environment.

Aluminium Service Wires consist of aluminium conductor cores that are insulated with PVC compound to protect it from abrasion and prevent direct contact with external influences. They are suitable for operations with a voltage of upto 1100 volts.

Due to their low volume density and excellent cost-efficiency, they are used as an alternative conductive material instead of copper for various commercial large systems.

Twin-twisted flexible wires consist of two independently insulated wires that are twisted around one another. This configuration makes them durable by avoiding clutters of wires while securing them. Press Fit TT Wires have been used by millions of households in India and worldwide.
They are prevalently used in rural areas and during festivals to secure power supply across various lighting fixtures and appliances.

Twin Parallel Flat Cable consists of two-conductor cores that are insulated with PVC compound and mainly used for supplying power for household and industrial applications. They are manufactured using bright electrolytic copper conductors that offer high conductivity, flexibility, and uniform resistance.

RG6 Coaxial cables are single-core electrical wires with a solid annealed copper core that is insulated with polyethylene and shielded with a metal foil. They are further encased with fine aluminum mesh to provide the necessary shielding against noise. Lastly, this entire structure is further insulated to keep it intact and protect it from abrasion and disruptions.

They carry higher frequency signals and are commonly used in LANs, televisions, automobiles, aircraft, and other industrial facilities. Because of their widespread use in televisions, they are also known as TV cables

Press Fit CAT 5E and CAT 6 LAN cables are manufactured using solid, bright annealed copper conductors that are insulated with a high-density polyethylene compound. These cables offer low attenuation, low cross talk and return loss. They are also commonly referred to as Ethernet cables or CAT cables. These cables give you high data transfer speeds with the capacity to carry high bit rate signals over long distances. 

Reverb speaker cables are a pair of two transparent wires used to make connections across speakers, audio amplifiers, and other audio components in offices, residential complexes, shopping malls, and stadiums.
Both wires of the speaker cable are electrically identical, but for easier identification, one of the wires is marked with a strip of Press Fit’s bright orange tracer along the entire length of the cable. This way it becomes easy to identify the correct audio single polarity.
Press Fit’s Reverb Speaker Cables are manufactured using bright annealed bare copper (BC) conductors for a clear, distortion-free voice with low dB loss.

In the past, telecommunication was all about voice data transmission. But now things have changed, today communication includes voice, video, and data.
Press Fit manufactures high-grade telephone cables using high quality raw materials that ensure invariable performance to meet the need for safe and reliable transmission of voice, video and data.

Our Goal

“If You Can’t Explain It Simply, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough” – Albert Einstein

Our goal is simple:

To become the brand people think of when they need any electrical product.

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