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Rawl Bolts are screw-threaded metal fasteners that are used to secure incredibly heavy objects with solid concrete surfaces. They consist of a bolt, expansion brackets, and ferrules to hold all parts together.

Their physical composition offers a greater degree of expansion and tolerance to variations in hole sizes. They are designed to fix objects with concrete surfaces only. Any porous material will crack during expansion due to the associated shear stress.

These fasteners use a mechanical locking force. Once a rawl bolt is properly inserted into the hole, the bolt head is rotated clockwise. This causes the lower part to move up making expansion brackets to stretch along the working conical end of the rawl bolt.

As a result, the rawl bolt becomes larger in diameter than the drilled hole and tightly couples the base material due to friction. Pressfit Rawl Bolts are manufactured in a variety of sizes to support all types of applications.

Rawl Bolt Fastener


Sturdy & Reliable

Being robust and reliable is one of the prerequisites for choosing a fastener for any application requirement. Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with trust and quality for the excellent track record of our products. Our decades of experience clearly set us apart from other manufacturers.

Optimal Taper Area

They are provided with an optimal taper area to allow maximum expansion in all base materials. This gives them the best clamping strength to penetrate deep into the material even if the torque is not that high.

Raised Impact Section

Our fasteners are designed with a raised impact section to protect the screw threads from possible deformation during installation. It even allows better penetration of fasteners into the passage created by the drill, making installation swift and easier.

Yellow Dichromate Plated

The yellow dichromate coating prevents corrosion of the zinc and increases the overall protection of the fasteners. Consequently, they also inherit a rainbow or iridescent look with dominant yellow tones.


The first step in installing a rawl bolt is to mark the area where you want to install it. Use a hammer drill to drill a hole with the specified embedment depth and size.

The hole drilled needs to be slightly larger than the size of the fastener. This way you have sufficient space to properly tighten the rawl bolt and get the best clamping strength.

Remove dust and debris created while drilling as this will clog the passage and make the bolt to slip. Tighten the rawl bolt to the point it covers the internal threads, otherwise, it can get damaged during insertion. Now insert the rawl bolt into the hole. You can tap the rawl bolt with a hammer to properly insert it.

Loosen the rawl bolt and place the object to be mounted on the application surface. Then tighten the rawl bolt sufficiently to achieve the best possible clamping strength.

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