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Snowball Wall Lights visually surround the room with lighting and create decorative elements such as artwork on your wall. They add a perfect touch of modern style to the walls of any room.

Turn a blank wall into an exciting area with the Pressfit’s Snowball Wall Lights. This stylish lighting uses COB LED to create a stunning backlit artwork on any wall or surface. While spike light is ideal for illuminating small areas and creating a soft glow without dazzling the surroundings. Whether it’s a side table, stairs or part of the garden – you can create a warm, inviting light that is flattering and not dazzling.

We offer these lights in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from. They are the perfect way to add warmth and character to your gatherings.

Spike Light

SnowBall Wall Light


High Power Factor (>0.9)

Every luminaire consumes active and reactive power, which adds up as apparent power. Real power is the energy that is consumed while reactive power is wasted. The power factor (= active power / apparent power) provides information about energy efficiency, which is very helpful when choosing the right product.

Comes With RF Remote

RF Remote is a battery-operated RF device that allows you to control all spike lights in sync and wall mounted lights at a reasonable distance from anywhere. These lights are easy to activate and deactivate; simply push one button, and they're on or off.

Sturdy Aluminium Body

They use high-quality components made of powder-coated aluminium, designed for a long service life. This allows them to gain high strength against external forces and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Greater Luminosity

Our lighting products have been developed with the latest thermal engineering techniques in order to operate the LEDs with maximum luminosity and to reduce power consumption. With a heat sink system and efficient LEDs, we reduce energy consumption and increase brightness.


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