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Pressfit’s SFT1 Mini MCBs are designed to protect household appliances from electrical overloads and short circuits. As their name suggests, mini MCBs are very compact – fitting in the safety features of the traditional MCB in the form factor of everyday switches and sockets.

Our Mini MCBs are available in both modular – compatible with our One and Edge range of modular plates – as well as non-modular form – to be affixed on switchboards with screws. Mini MCBs provide per-point protection to your devices while being economical – as it can save you the expense of a Surface DP Switch or separate board.




Finger-proof IP20 terminals

Pressfit’s SFT1-MCBs are equipped with IP20 protection. It describes the ingress protection against solid objects of up to 12 mm, e.g. person’s fingers. This helps to avoid direct contact with the internal parts of the MCB, which could result in electric shock.

Long electrical and mechanical life

Mini MCBs are widely used for industrial and home use. This requires that they are also operational in normal, industrial and harsh environments. Pressfit mini circuit breakers meet this need to provide consumers with a reliable power solution.

Breaking Capacity of 3kA

A high short circuit breaking capacity makes SFT1 MCBs perfect for heavy electrical applications. They are competent to protect the electrical devices by breaking the circuit, even if the current is up to 3 kA.

Low Power Loss in operation

SFT1 circuit breakers comply with IS / IEC 60898-1 standards and offer lower power dissipation compared to IS / IEC benchmarks. Less power outage makes it energy efficient and saves money by lowering your electricity bills.

Available In Different Variants

They are available for both modular and non-modular wiring solutions. This makes them very useful for the wide range of consumer needs. They can be used for point protection and are ideal for use in single phase distribution circuits.

Protects against overload and short-circuit

When a short circuit occurs, a large amount of current begins to flow causing the MCB to trip almost immediately. In the event of an overload, it takes a few seconds to trip and interrupt the circuit. Overloading and short circuits in the power supply can be dangerous for both people and equipment.


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