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Enclosures are electrical boxes that are used to mount and encase electrical switch accessories. They provide structural and operational support for electrical wiring. The outer body also prevents any direct contact with the foreign body.

Gang Boxes, Switchboards, Concealed Boxes & Boards, Surface Boxes make up the Press Fit range of enclosures. The range is available in a variety of sizes, designs and models to meet all types of electrical wiring needs. 

They fulfill the crucial task of keeping electrical parts and live cables away from each other to prevent any electrical failures and hazards. They have cutouts for various electrical switches and socket accessories to encase them.

Electrical Gang Boxes are used to encase electrical components such as switches, sockets, dimmers, etc. They provide the necessary support and safety from direct contact with external objects. The main purpose of a gang box is to provide the framework for distributing the main power supply across various devices and appliances. The idea is that you can “gang” up electrical components in the box, hence the name.

A Switch Board is used to enclose electrical accessories such as switches, sockets, indicators, dimmers, regulators, etc. As the name suggests, it is basically a board of switches and other power control devices. It provides the necessary support and protection from any direct contact of foreign objects. We offers four types of Switch Boards: Cutting Boards, Plain Boards, Horizontal Boards, and Single Boards. Cutting Boards are pre-cut and are ready for installation of switches and sockets. Plain Boards have to be cut manually as per the desired configuration of switches and sockets.


Modular Surface Boxes are used to create foundational support for Modular Switches and Plates. They secure and enclose electrical wiring from tampering. They safeguard users from electrocution by acting as a barrier between the wiring and them. As the name suggests, Surface Boxes are mounted on the surface (over the wall) as opposed to Concealed Boxes which are placed inside a recess in the wall.

Concealed boxes are simple enclosures used to create mounting support and enclose wires in a concealed wiring system. These are different from surface boxes in their application: they are concealed inside a wall. Concealed Boxes are necessary for mounting switches right on the wall. Their main function is to protect the enclosed wiring from moisture, heat, corrosion, etc. and to give them a long service life. These are available in different modules, dimensions, and sizes depending on the requirements of the application as well as in both plastic and metal variants.

Pressfit Concealed metal boxes are GI boxes that are used to mount various electrical accessories such as foot lights, control panels, electrical switches etc. They are used in concealed cabling systems that are built directly into the wall. This makes the electrical wiring installations go invisible and gives your home a better look.

Pressfit Junction Boxes are the housing boxes that accommodate wiring joints across various junctions of electrical lines. They protect them from dust, moisture, and external influences. These boxes prove to be very handy for maintenance and repairing work. In addition, they also fulfill the important task of keeping joints solid and reliable for years to come. They come in 5 different sizes to support a wide range of applicational needs.

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