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AC boxes are the power supply units used for heavy-load home appliances like geyser, refrigerator, oven, air conditioner, etc. They are provided with a MCB-protected socket to prevent damages caused due to overload or short circuit.

Unlike other enclosures, these boxes are ready-to-use and only require minimal electrical wiring. This enables swift creation of power outlets without much hassle. Pressfit AC Boxes are available with metallic as well as plastic back for different types of applicational uses. They are suitable for single-point protection of home appliances.


Indian / Universal

Camper AC BOX


Nano AC Box

with P & S




Overload And Short-Circuit Protection

The provided MCB has a high-speed breaking mechanism which employs electrodynamic forces generated by the strong current due to a short circuit. The contacts get separated much faster before they can peak, which suppresses the high current.

High Breaking Capacity

A high short circuit breaking capacity makes these boxes perfect for heavy load applications. They are competent to protect the electrical devices by breaking the circuit.

ISI-Marked Polycarbonate Body

ISI-marked Polycarbonate materials are characterized by high impact strength and high softening temperature. This makes them ideal for use involving high load appliances like Air Conditioner, Geyser, Heater, etc.

Transparent Plastic Window

Camper AC boxes come with transparent plastic window to protect them from direct contact with external influences. It is especially useful if you have children at home who may unknowingly electrocute themselves.


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