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A Foot light is simple lighting device used to create sources of light in bedrooms, stairs, home passages, office lobbies, parks, shopping malls, hotels, and other areas. As the name suggests, they are fixed at a lower elevation from the ground.

Press Fit manufactures LED Foot Lights in several different sizes (modules), designs, and light colors such as Red, White, Warm, White, Blue, Green, and Yellow. This gives you greater flexibility to harmonize them with your home, office and other places. They serve as perfect utility devices! 

Press Fit’s Premium LED Foot Lights have the highest power-saving ratings – Always On, Zero Maintenance Expenses, and Minimal Electricity Cost!

Prime LED Foot Light

Prime LED Foot Light

Photo LED Foot Light

Photo LED Foot Light

6 Window LED Foot Light

6 Window LED Foot Light

EOS LED Foot Light

EOS LED Foot Light

RIO LED Foot Light

GX LED Foot Light

GX LED Foot Light


Foot Light Boss


Foot Light Nawab


Foot Light Badshah
Vista Foot Light logo
Vista Foot Light

EVA LED Foot Light

eva foot light silver


Available in a Wide Variety of Colours

With a wide variety of colors, you can try out different furnishing ideas and create your ideal home.

Power-Saving LED Light Source

Press Fit Footlights are manufactured using LED lights. Light Emitting Diode is one of the most energy efficient lighting technologies in the world today. In addition to this, they incorporate several other energy saving features that reduce electricity consumption and lower electricity costs.

Brighter Illumination

Even after the lowest power consumption, Press Fit Footlights provide bright illumination.

Sturdy Plastic Outer Body

Using premium raw materials and state-of-the-art machinery, Press Fit manufactures foot lights that are robust against accidental damage. This makes them ideal for outdoors and harsh environments.

Applications of Foot Lights

Prevents Accidents

Having foot lights near the stairs give you the flexibility to climb and descend easily even in the dark. Apart from that, they give your stairs a breathtaking appearance.

If you’ve ever visited a park, you may have seen the lights on the jogging trail. These lights are made possible by footlights. They prevent joggers from being injured by uneven surfaces.

Afraid of the dark? Even if you hate to admit it, having some light near your feet at night when you’re half-asleep will let you find your way easily. It may even prevent an accident.