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FRLS PVC Conduit Pipe is simply a wire ducting tube with fire-retardant and low-smoke properties. It is used in conjunction with conduit fittings to enclose, lay and protect concealed electrical wiring in a construction structure. It also protects people by acting as an insulating barrier between electrical wiring and themselves.

Our decades of experience with the product clearly sets us apart from other conduit pipe manufacturers in terms of both product quality and price. If you’re looking for a surface wire ducting solution, check out Pressfit’s Casing-Capping.

Our range of Conduit Pipes are approved under the IS: 9537 Part 3 BIS standard.

Conduit Pipes

Pressfit’s PVC Conduit Pipes are manufactured conforming to rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the products can withstand tough conditions for a durable life. 

Using state-of-the-art technology and excellent production techniques, our PVC Conduit Pipes are of the highest quality. They are available in various sizes, specifications, and classes to support the wide range of applications and uses.


Fire-Retardant and Low Smoke Properties (FRLS)

Pressfit’s Conduit Pipes have fire-retardant (FR) and low-smoke (LS) properties. In case of fire emergencies, this retards the spreading of fires and low emission of smoke enhances ease of escape for people trapped in the fire.

Socketed One-sided Design to Simplify the Joining of Multiple Units

Our Conduit Pipes are socketed on one side that makes conduit wiring easier and more efficient. It saves money in two ways: By eliminating the cost of buying couplers and by reducing labor costs required for electrical wiring and increasing overall productivity.

Smooth Finishing For Easy & Quick Pulling Of Wires

Our Conduit Pipes have an extra-smooth inner surface making it easier for electricians and wire-layers to quickly and easily pull the wiring to desired spots.

Thermally Stable And Corrosion Free

Our Conduit Pipes are thermally stable and corrosion-free. PVC being inherently corrosion-free is one of the most critical reasons for PVC Conduit Pipes having replaced GI pipes in electrical wiring applications.

Permanent and Clean Laser Marking

We use the best marking technology to mark our brand and product specifications. It employs laser technology, which burns the pipe material to a small degree and leaves blemish-proof laser markings that are permanent and clean. They also serve as a mark of authenticity for our conduit pipes.

Superior Rigidity

A conduit pipe is generally enclosed between different layers of brick and mortar which exerts a lot of pressure on the pipe. This can greatly affect the durability of the pipe. To counter this, Pressfit produces conduct pipes that are extremely rigid, making our product highly durable.


pipe bend man spring bending

The use of spring-bending is simple: to turn the wiring path by ninety degrees. Only the absolute best conduit pipes can withstand the kind of pressure required for spring-bending. It makes the pulling of the wires easier as there are no bumps/joins in the middle, just the smooth inner surface of the conduit. Also, it saves the user the cost and the hassle of buying bends.

It is done by directly bending the pipe using a special spring. The spring is inserted into the Conduit Pipe where the bend has to be created. It is then manually bent over the thigh, shoulder, or another supportive surface


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