FRLS PVC Conduit Pipes

Conduit Pipes are used to enclose and protect the electrical wiring within a building or for concealed wiring in a construction structure. These are practically the arteries for all electrical wiring, the lifeblood of any building. Conduit Pipes are placed within sections of the brick structure before plastering and cementing.  Press Fit’s PVC Conduit Pipes are manufactured conforming to rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the products can sustain harsh conditions for a lifetime. Our years of experience with the product places us well-above the competition in terms of both the product quality and price. For surface wire ducting, see Casing-Capping.

Our range of Conduit Pipes are approved under the IS: 9537 Part 3 BIS standard.


Fire-Retardant and Low Smoke Properties (FRLS)

Socketed on one side to simplify joining of multiple units and eliminate the use of couplers.

Permanent and Clean Laser Marking - The Mark of Authenticity!


Thermally Stable

Smooth Finishing that ensures easy and quick pulling of wires

Superior Rigidity

Spring-Bend: The ultimate mark of quality

The use of spring-bending is simple: to turn the wiring path by ninety degrees directly by bending the pipe. Only the absolute best conduit pipes can withstand the kind of pressure required for spring-bending. It makes the pulling of the wires easier as there are no bumps/joins in the middle, just the smooth inner surface of the conduit. Also, it saves the user the cost and the hassle of buying bends.