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Aluminium Service Wires consist of aluminium conductor cores that are insulated with PVC compound to protect it from abrasion and prevent direct contact with external influences. They are suitable for operations with a voltage of upto 1100 volts.

Aluminium Service Wires

Pressfit aluminium service wires are ideally used for drawing mainlines to houses, buildings, and complexes. Due to their low volume density and excellent cost-efficiency, they are used as an alternative conductive material instead of copper for various commercial large systems. 

Even when power loss is considered during transmission, they prove to be cost-effective where electrical lines have to be laid on a massive scale. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes to support all types of applications.


Resistant To Corrosion

Aluminum Wires are inherently resistant to corrosion because a layer of aluminum oxide forms on the surface of aluminum almost immediately when exposed to air. This makes them an excellent wiring solution for outdoor installations.

High Tensile Strength

The aluminum alloy used for production is equipped with additional elements that give them high tensile strength. This offers the wires a better resistance to wear and tear against external stress.

High Abrasion Tolerance

Pressfit Aluminium Service Wires comes with superior PVC insulation, which awards them a high abrasion tolerance. Consequently, they have a higher service life and better protection against any electrical failures.


Aluminium is one of the lightest metals commercially available on the market. Although the conductivity of the aluminium alloy is only about 62% of that of copper, it is only one-third the weight and can therefore conduct twice as much electricity compared to copper of the same weight.

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