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Pressfit telephone pair and switchboard cables are made from electrolytic copper conductors (purity 99.97%) with uniform dimensions that are consistent over the entire length of the cable. 

They are available in two variants:

  • 0.41 Mm Bare Copper Tapped With Thread
  • 0.51 Mm Tinned Copper Tapped With Thread

The features that distinguish Pressfit Telephone & Switchboard Cables from others are high-temperature resistance, ability to withstand emergency overload, excellent signal condition, easy installation, excellent sheathing, etc.

Telephone pair and switchboard cables

Pressfit telephone pair and switchboard cables offer invariable performance to meet the need for secure and reliable data transmission. With continuous efforts, they are devised to eliminate crosstalk and achieve improved speech transmission with audiophile clarity. They are commonly used in indoor connections for telephone, intercom, and PBX systems.

telephone cable


Minimize Crosstalk

These cables are made from solid annealed tinned / bare copper that is insulated with polyethylene with the correct color coding. Besides, these isolated cores are evenly twisted and bundled in pairs to minimize crosstalk between them.

Superior Insulation

These UTP cables are shielded with excellent insulation that provide the necessary protection against wear and tear caused by the external abrasive environment. They are also insulated with another layer of insulation to keep the entire composition intact and to minimize interference between them.

High Humidity Tolerance

Pressfit Telephone Pair & Switchboard Cables are available with tinned copper, which makes them impervious to moisture, high humidity, and temperature.

Audiophiliac Voice Clarity

Pressfit telecommunications cables are made of bare, electrolyte grade copper wire that provides high conductivity. The uniform twisting of the insulated wire pairs over the length of the cable offers the necessary immunity to crosstalk. As a result, they transmit crystal clear voice quality.

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