Wire Clips

Press Fit Wire Clips (also known as Cable Clips, Nail Clips, or Wire Staples) are used for aligning and firmly securing wires and conduits to the walls, floors, and ceilings. They are very easy-to-use and ensure that the wires are not hanging irregularly and keep the entire surrounding organized. Nails: The heart and soul of the product is the steel nail. If the quality of the nail isn’t up to the mark, the product serves little purpose. Press Fit Wire Clips are made with the absolute best quality nails which are

  • Electro-galvanized to prevent rusting
  • Super-hardened to allow damage-free penetration into all kinds of surfaces and walls
  • Highly polished to give them a bright and lustrous shine (because a premium product must also look like one from the outside!)

Plastic Body: The body is made from impact-modified polyethylene of the finest grade.

Wire Clip
Wire Clip
Round Casing Clip
Flat Casing Clip
Oval Casing Clip


Put the cable under the clip and hammer into the wall/wooden panel to secure the cable. We offer you a variety of Wire Clip sizes ranging from 4 mm to up to 40 mm! We also offer Round and Flat Casing Clips which are meant for use with Casing-Caping, i.e. uPVC Trunking. Seeing our 20 mm and 25 mm Wire Clips being extensively used with our uPVC Conduit Pipes , we also offer these two sizes in Black, Grey, and Ivory colours so as to match the colours of the Conduit Pipes.

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