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Wire clip is a electrical accessory that is used to mount wires, cables, or conduit pipes to a fixed surface such as a ceiling, wall, floor, table, concrete, etc. They are very easy to use and help in organizing and managing wiring setups. 

Wire Clips ensure that the wires are not hanging irregularly. They are also commonly called Cable Clips, Nail Clips, or Wire Staples by manufacturers in India.

Pressfit manufactures a wide range of wire clips in sizes ranging from 4 mm to 40 mm! They can be used to encase and mount wires & conduit pipes for both home and industrial applications. A variety of wire clips are available with different sizes, dimensions, and shapes depending on the product to be encased.

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Electro-Galvanized Nails

Pressfit uses strictly superior electro-galvanized nails to protect them from rust. In this process, a layer of zinc is electrically and chemically bonded with the nail surface which protects it from corrosion and deterioration. In this way, Pressfit’s wire clips are more durable and have a greater life.

Highly Polished

Our concrete nails are highly polished to achieve a brilliant, lustrous shine. Apart from making it more resistant to rust, this gives the wire clip a premium and more aesthetic look.

Super Hardened Nails

Our concrete nails undergo specialised super-hardening processes which ensures that the nails can penetrate into all kinds of surfaces or walls without any damage. While other nails get bent easily, Pressfit’s Wire Clips have nails that can be used more extensively and without any trouble.

Impact-Resistant Plastic

The body of the wire clips is made using high-quality impact-modified plastic. This makes the wire clips capable of taking heavier loads and impacts!


In order to use the wire clip, first encase the product (wires, pipes, or casing) inside the hollow spacing of the wire clip. After that, hammer the nail located on its side to firmly mount the product along the surface.


Apart from Wires and Cables, Pressfit Wire Clips can also be used to affix PVC Conduit Pipes and PVC Casing-Capping. Our Round, Flat, and Oval Casing Clips can also be used with our PVC Casing-Capping. They have excellent holding strength which makes them perfect for use with PVC Casing-Capping.

The sizes 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, and 40 mm are standard sizes of Conduit Pipes and we have these sizes readily available. We even offer the sizes of 20 mm and 25 mm in black, gray, and ivory color variants so they match the color of the conduit pipe.

Download the Technical Data Sheet here.

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