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Bulkhead lights are electrical luminaries that are used to create a reliable lighting-source which is well protected from dust, water, and other external nuisances. Due to their robust body structure, they are usually installed outdoors to illuminate hallways, stairs and entrances, etc.

It consists of a light source (LED / B22) covered with a sturdy polycarbonate body and a translucent glass cover to let the light through. They are very helpful for guiding paths and elegantly illuminating indoor and outdoor areas. They are available in both LED and B22 variants.

LED bulkhead lights are more energy efficient than their b22 counterparts. Several low-watt LED lamps are grouped to produce light, which means they use fewer watts while providing the highest level of brightness. LED PCBs come built-in with the LED bulkhead variant, while the b22 bulb has to be installed by the consumer as needed.

















IP54 Class Protection

They are devised with IP54 protection, which denotes the protection grade against dust (5) and liquid (4). They are well-protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits which do not affect performance. In the case of liquid, it is protected against water splashed from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

Easy & Hassle Free Wiring

To simplify wiring, they are equipped with push-fit terminal connectors. This enables quick and easy operation during installation and maintenance work. It also protects the terminal from loosening and enables seamless applications.

Robust Body Material

They use high-quality components made of powder-coated aluminium & polycarbonate, designed for a long service life. Polycarbonate materials are characterized by high impact strength and high softening temperature. This allows them to gain high strength against external forces and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Uniform Illumination

They are devised for even light distribution through the glass diffuser. When illuminating light hits the glass surface, the light is refracted in a random direction along the surface. This mechanism distributes the light evenly in all directions.

  APPLICATION OF Bulkhead Lights

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