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Premier LED Bollards is a type of decorative lighting product used to create illumination around its area of influence. They are perfect for enhancing the appearance of residential and commercial spaces, from entrances to driveways. 

With a 360-degree design, it creates an unforgettable feast for the eyes. The warm-white light brings out the natural beauty of your surroundings. They can be installed anywhere in or around your home, creating a beautiful, decorative style for your outdoor living space. 

We offer a stunning line of premier LED bollard lights that are perfect for creating a modern space or adding a decorative element.








High Power Factor (>0.9)

Every luminaire consumes active and reactive power, which adds up as apparent power. Real power is the energy that is consumed while reactive power is wasted. The power factor (= active power / apparent power) provides information about energy efficiency, which is very helpful when choosing the right product.

360° Decorative Design

360° decorative design of our color-changing LED bollard light is incredibly useful in any outdoor space or landscape design. They illuminate an area while at the same time enhancing the space’s visual appeal and overall ambiance.

Sturdy Aluminium Body

They use high-quality components made of powder-coated aluminium, designed for a long service life. This allows them to gain high strength against external forces and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Energy Efficient

Utilizing energy-efficient and durable LEDs as a lighting solution for these decorative LED bollards will brighten your home, office, or restaurant at the same time help you save money on energy bills.


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