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Ceiling Roses are electrical accessories used to make junction points for branching out wires at different places in a circuit. They enable live wire to go in continuation as needed for connecting multiple electrical appliances.

Usually, a single live wire is spread throughout the house to reduce the costs as well as risks (because more joints usually mean a greater risk of accidents). They are commonly used to connect ceiling fans and tube lights with electricity.

Press Fit being a manufacturer with a presence across India produces different types of ceiling roses to meet the wide range of choices and requirements.

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LX ceiling roses


GX Ceiling Rose

Jumbo Jewel

ceiling roses


ceiling roses

Jumbo LX

ceiling roses


Jewel Ceiling Rose

Royal - White

ceiling roses

Royal - Metallic

ceiling roses

Royal - Oak Wood

ceiling roses

Royal - Teak Wood

ceiling roses

How to Install Electrical Ceiling Roses

First, you need to open the ceiling rose by rotating it around the periphery. It will get divided into Ceiling Rose Cap and Ceiling Rose Base. The cap part will have a hole in the middle to pass the output wires. 

On the base part, you will see two terminals, one for the phase wire and another one for the neutral wire. Each terminal will have screws on both sides forming four connection points. Out of them, two distant connection points will be on the horizontal plane while the remaining two on the vertical plane.

The vertical connection points will be used to connect input wires while horizontal connection points for output wires.

Now, skin both the input wires and connect across each vertical connection points of both the terminals. Similarly, skin both the output wires and connect across each horizontal connection points of both the terminals.

Finally, fasten both the ceiling rose parts to complete the installation process.


High Strength

Our ceiling roses are well-moulded utilizing the best technologies available making them stronger than alternatives.

Fancy Designs

A hundred people will have a hundred different needs and tastes. To meet this demand, we have a wide range of ceiling rose designs keeping in mind the varying needs and tastes.

Easy Installation

We manufacture ceiling roses that are easy to install. These can be easily installed in just a few steps without any fancy tools.

Flawless finish

Since our inception, we have always had an eye for quality. Due to which we have established many benchmarks in the industry.

Applications of Electrical Ceiling Roses

Tube Lights
Ceiling Fans

  • Tube Lights require a secure power outlet connection at the point of installation. Electrical ceiling roses are used to provide a safe and efficient connection between the circuit and the tube light. Also, Ceiling Roses are popularly used along with Pendant Holders to hang the light fixtures.

  • Ceiling Fans require a secure connection on the ceiling for mounting. For this, ceiling roses are commonly used to provide the necessary electrical outlet connections.

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